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Endodontists are dentists with at least two additional years of advanced specialty education in diagnosis and root canal treatment.

Because they limit their practices to endodontics, they treat these types of problems every day. They use their special training and experience in treating difficult cases, such as teeth with narrow or blocked canals, or unusual anatomy.

Endodontists may use advanced technology, such as operating microscopes, ultrasonics and digital imaging, to perform these special services.

Dr. Jim Corcoran

The staff at Pinehurst Endodontics is led by Dr. Jim Corcoran, Board Certified Endodontist. Dr. Corcoran moved to Pinehurst, NC in June of 2008.

After completing undergraduate study at the University of New Mexico, Dr. Corcoran graduated from the University of Missouri Kansas City Dental School in June of 2001. The following year he completed an Advanced Education Residency in General Dentistry and subsequently received his certificate of Endodontics in 2005. He achieved his board certification in 2008.

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Dr. James Musselwhite

Dr. James Musselwhite received his BS Degree from NC State University in 1969 and his DDS from the University of NC in 1974. He practiced general dentistry in the United States Air Force for sixteen years.

While in the service he completed an Advanced General Dentistry Residency at Wilford Hall Medical Center and received two Meritorious Service Medals for his distinguished service. In 1990 he retired from the Air Force and returned to the University of NC to specialize in Endodontics.

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The perception of root canals being painful began decades ago but with the latest technologies and anesthetics, root canal treatment today is no more uncomfortable than having a filling placed. In fact, a recent survey showed that patients who have experienced root canal treatment are six times more likely to describe it as "painless" than patients who have not had root canal treatment.

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The professional staff at Pinehurst Endodontics is committed to excellence in endodontic diagnosis and treatment. To that end we utilize a cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), a special type of x-ray machine used when regular dental or facial x-rays are not providing enough information for diagnosis. This type of CT scanner uses a special technology to generate three dimensional (3-D) images of dental structures, soft tissues, nerve paths and bone in the craniofacial region in a single scan, thereby allowing Dr. Corcoran and Dr. Musselwhite to treatment plan in a more precise manner.

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