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Pinehurst Endodontics Reviews
Overall Dental Practice Rating ★★★★★ 5 / 5 based upon 42 reviews.
★★★★★ I admit it...I have a very low tolerance to pain. When someone says a procedure is 'uncomfortable' then for me I know it will be when my dentist told me I needed a root canal I was worried sick. I've heard all the stories about root canals and they all spelt 'pain'. My husband warned me it would be 'uncomfortable'. It's been 6 days since I saw my dentist and this morning was the 'dreaded root canal' appointment. In complete honesty from a self - proclaimed whimp my root canal was PAINLESS! Dr. Musselwhite and his staff were not only wonderfully kind but explained exactly what they were going to do and what I would feel. I had my doubts and my anxiety. As it turns out the most painful part of having a root canal was the worry and anxiety I caused myself for 6 days! I've had cleanings that were more 'uncomfortable'. Thank-you Dr. Musselwhite, Karen and the rest of the staff at Pinehurst Endodontics for a truly painless experience!
★★★★★ What a great experience! You don't want to have to wish someone to 'have a great Root Canal' but if you do, this is the place!
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