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Pinehurst Endodontics Reviews
Overall Dental Practice Rating ★★★★★ 5 / 5 based upon 51 reviews.
★★★★★ Extremely Professional, from Dr. Corcoran to the Dental Assistants, to the Office Personnel. Each and everyone was very pleasant and made you feel at home and very comfortable to be there. One would get the feeling as if they had been going there for years and years. I came in for a Root Canal. A little apprehensive I will admit, but the first smile was relaxing and reassuring. The CDA was amazing and very patient with my inability to fully cooperate (LOL!) to get the Xrays she needed so badly. The friendly teamwork of another CDA helped capture the moment and together, we obtained the picture of the area to be worked. The CDA explained everything that would be used and how the procedure would follow. Dr Corcoran was great. His very personable and his friendly personality was comforting. He spoke to my CDA with respect and as an equal. He genuinely cared about the answers he received from her. That to me speaks volumes about the work atmosphere of the practice. I would highly recommend anyone considering PINEHURST ENDODONTICS to do so without hesitation. The experience was surely a pleasant one and I'm positive you would enjoy it too!! Great Job!!!!
★★★★★ I am a dental hygienist, so you would think I wouldn't be nervous about a root canal. I have reassured my patients that this office was the one to go to. I have seen first hand the work that comes from this office & it is top notch. I knew the staff & knew they would put them at ease. I have always gotten good feed back from my patients. Now, I can give my on testimony as to how great this office is! I felt as if I was with family. I was nervous about the thought of a root canal, but once I was there, I was quickly put at ease by the staff. They showed me the x-rays & explained things to me. I didn't even feel the shot! I was so comfortable I just about fell asleep while Dr. Musselwhite was working on me! I had no pain afterwards! This is a great office & I highly recommend it to anyone. Thanks so much guys!

★★★★★ I had a cavity filled and after, had immense pain in my tooth and jaw. I made an appointment with Pinehurst Endodontics and they were very helpful in scheduling the appointment and answering my many questions about insurance coverage. My pain had lessened when I had my appointment and Dr. Musselwhite was very helpful and thoroughly explained why I had so much pain initially after my cavity filling and how my nerve was repairing itself and should continue to get better. Everyone in the office was super friendly and I felt very comfortable there.
★★★★★ Best dental experience I have ever had!!!! Dr Corcoran and his staff are one of a kind. They were kind and sympathetic to my needs. You're definitely in good hands at Pinehurst Endo!
★★★★★ I came in on August 8th for my procedure. I was a little worried. But the doctor and assistant were so kind and gentle. They talked to me about what was going to take place and asked if I had any questions. I understood what they were going to do and was comfortable with all they told me. If I felt even a tiny pain I could tell them and they would and did take care of it. I am very pleased with them and the care they took of me. I recommend them to everyone. They are very caring and gentle with you. Any fear I had was eased by the way they talked with me and explained what they would be doing. I highly recommend them and would come back to them for future dental needs.
★★★★★ I had always heard horror stories about having a root canal but your staff along with Dr.James Corcoran made this such a pleasant experience. It was a piece of cake. I actually was so relaxed that I was snoring during the procedure. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone that needed a root canal.The staff was so pleasant and highly informative throughout the entire procedure. Thank you so much for making my first experience having a root canal a pleasant one. You guys are awesome!
★★★★★ I am extremely terrified of the Dentist and the very thought of having a root canal makes me have a panic attack!! I can definitely say without hesitation that Dr. Corcoran and his staff made me feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment I walked in the door until the moment I walked out. The procedure itself was absolutely painless and I was able to go straight to work afterwards. Thank you for making this 'chicken' come out with all her feathers intact! Lol!
★★★★★ I have never understood the statement ' I would rather have a root canal than eat asparagus' meaning that a root canal is a bad experience. Well I have had three root canals and I had no pain at all, thanks to Dr. Musselwhite. Thank you for taking such good care of me and saving my teeth. You and your staff are the best.
★★★★★ Seriously don't worry! I was extremely nervous, but my fears disappeared once I walked in their door. Their office is clean and inviting and I was greeted at the door immediately with a friendly smile and hello. The doctor and assistant worked together flawlessly which made my experience a quick and painless one! Of course when my treatment was finished it was time to settle my bill and the lady who checked me out was very nice and had great sense of humor. The office manager came by to say hello and wanted to make sure I had a good experience. What service! I actually left the office with a smile on my face which I was not expecting. If you need a root canal, I highly recommend them!
★★★★★ I admit it...I have a very low tolerance to pain. When someone says a procedure is 'uncomfortable' then for me I know it will be when my dentist told me I needed a root canal I was worried sick. I've heard all the stories about root canals and they all spelt 'pain'. My husband warned me it would be 'uncomfortable'. It's been 6 days since I saw my dentist and this morning was the 'dreaded root canal' appointment. In complete honesty from a self - proclaimed whimp my root canal was PAINLESS! Dr. Musselwhite and his staff were not only wonderfully kind but explained exactly what they were going to do and what I would feel. I had my doubts and my anxiety. As it turns out the most painful part of having a root canal was the worry and anxiety I caused myself for 6 days! I've had cleanings that were more 'uncomfortable'. Thank-you Dr. Musselwhite, Karen and the rest of the staff at Pinehurst Endodontics for a truly painless experience!
★★★★★ What a great experience! You don't want to have to wish someone to 'have a great Root Canal' but if you do, this is the place!
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