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Pinehurst Endodontics Reviews
Overall Dental Practice Rating ★★★★★ 5 / 5 based upon 51 reviews.
★★★★★ I have had several root canals in my lifetime, and without a doubt Dr. Jim Corcoran's entire office experience was the most pleasant ever from my phone call to schedule, the in processing, the dreaded (for most) numbing experience, getting nitrous gas, the actual root canal process, and even checking out!! It is said that 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away'... that is not a problem here!!
★★★★★ Dr. Corcoran and Staff are top notch professionals. He performed a pain free root canal on an extremely angry tooth! I have had several root canals and I highly recommend Dr. Corcoran. His staff was wonderful and worked me in to his schedule quickly. If you need a root canal I highly recommend Pinehurst Endodontics
★★★★★ Recently my dentist referred me to Pinehurst Endodontics for a root canal retreatment. I was very pleased with Dr. Corcoran and his staff. They were very caring, kind and professional. I didn’t experience any pain during the procedure and only had to take a couple of Tylenol afterwards. I attribute my positive outcome to Dr. Corcoran’s skill and expertise. If you need a root canal, I highly recommend Pinehurst Endodontics!
★★★★★ Dr. Corcoran and his team were very caring and made me feel very relaxed during my appointment. I've never experienced such a pleasant procedure when it come to dental work - Dr. Corcoran is the best !
★★★★★ Dr. Corcoran is the best endodontist I have ever used. I just finished a difficult procedure in which he found not two but three roots that he had to extract. I also had two abscesses all on the same tooth. I was nervous but he soon made me feel very comfortable and relaxed and the procedure was painless. This was the most important thing to me. He is such an experienced and competent physician. I will always recommend Pinehurst Endodontics to anyone that may need a root canal. His staff is very welcoming and competent. Their office is beautiful; there is a large picture window in which you can look at a gorgeous garden while you are undergoing your procedure.
★★★★★ I was in so much pain I wasn’t able to eat or sleep for days. Within minutes, Dr. Corcoran relieved my pain and then performed a root canal in the most calming way. His skill and demeanor combined with the excellent assistance from Camryn made my anxiety go away. Every member of the staff I encountered was a perfect example of the type of customer service I wish was found everywhere! I truly enjoyed watching all the birds as well. Just an all around tremendous experience!!
★★★★★ I was SO nervous about having a root canal. I made an appointment to meet the doctor. He was lovely. Kind and didn't talk down to me. Staff was top notch. Had the root canal this morning. Absolutely no pain. Felt very well cared for. Highly recommend these kind and caring people.
★★★★★ Top notch is all I can say. I read through the reviews almost every day to help alleviate anxiety and stress of the procedure of the dreaded root canal. All I can say is believe what you read in the reviews. This was the most pleasant and pain free experience I have ever had with any dental procedure. I have had deep cleanings that hurt more than this did. I read the reviews and thought to myself they must delete the bad reviews or something. All I can say is if you're on the fence about having a root canal because of the stigma associated with having one don't be. Visit Pinehurst Endodontics and get your tooth repaired. Thanks Dr.Corcoran and staff for making it a truly pleasant experience.
★★★★★ Awesome team!! Love the Support I received while going through the procedure. Staff are kind and supportive and Jim clearly knows what he is doing!
★★★★★ As both a patient and a referring dentist I would rate Dr. Corcoran as the BEST endodontist I have ever had the honor to know. The office is wonderful and never makes any excuses. He is always my first choice when it comes to referrals.
★★★★★ A truly amazing experience! Dr. Corcoran and his staff are very kind and knowledgeable. They relieved any anxiety I may have had as well as answered all questions. They provided a very pleasant and pain free experience for treating an abscessed 'previous' root canal. Anyone with endodontic needs, please do not hesitate to choose Pinehurst Endodontics!
★★★★★ If you need a root canal, I highly recommend Dr. Corcoran. From the time I entered the comfortable waiting area as an emergency patient I was treated with the utmost care and respect. The procedure was explained to me and it was a pain free event. Dr. Corcoran and Ashley were like a wonderful tag team as they quickly performed the operation and sent me on my way. Yes, there was some trauma pain after the novocaine wore off but with a bit of acetaminophen it was all gone in a couple of days.
★★★★★ Totally enjoyed my experience at Pinehurst Endodontics. Dr. Corcoran and Stacy were a great team. Professional and down to earth friendly in every way. Additionally, the office staff were helpful and were there to greet you and answer all your questions. You will be completely satisfied with their service as I was! Thanks Dr. Corcoran and Stacy!!!
★★★★★ Dr. Corcoran was absolutely wonderful! He made me feel very comfortable during the procedure. It was the best root canal I have ever had and completely pain free! Dr. Corcoran and staff are the best in the Sandhills area!
★★★★★ Beautiful office and wonderful service from the whole team. I would recommend Dr. Corcoran to all my family and friends.
★★★★★ Dr. Corcoran and his staff are amazing! I was nervous about getting a root canal, but Dr. Corcoran and Whitney made me feel at ease throughout the whole procedure, which was also over very quickly. I was so impressed with the whole experience.
★★★★★ Third root canal with Pinehurst Endodontics. Could not be more pleased! Staff and Dr. Corcoran are wonderful!
★★★★★ Dr, Corcoran and his staff make the difficult look easy. So easy in fact that I went to sleep for a few minutes while he was doing a root canal procedure for me. I couldn't have asked for better care.